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Logos for GAp

Read about what went wrong with the new GAP LOGO on and some industry-pros response.

Once a marketing brand has been updated to the masses, it’s very hard to take that bad taste away. Did Gap do any market research? Lord knows they can afford it. It’s just another example of  not knowing your audience as well as you should.

The Evolution of Email: Infographic

Image representing Splashpress as depicted in ...

Image via CrunchBase

Infographic. This shows the way email works, the history and popular web mail providers. Statistics are given. The growth of spam and its geographical origins. This was presented by Splashpress Media. From their website: “We are dedicated to helping make the world a better place through communication and education.”

Because There Is Still No Excuse For Bad Power Point

Microsoft PowerPoint

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This is a great presentation!! Power Point can be very time consuming. I use to do Boy Scout monthly presentations that had over 100 sites.

This slide show is on target. The author is @JESSEDEE. I’m checking it out.