SheetSim – Shots

In the School of Technology at the University of Houston, the Digital Media program uses a software program called SHOTS. It is a simulated offset printing press. As part of the Graphics Production Process Control course, we were required to complete a certain number of exercises. For me, it gave me the confidence of understanding the different processes going on at the same time. I am glad I mistakes in SHOTS than on the Ryobi 3302HA. Below is from the
manufacture’s website:

Just ask any pressman: it takes years of hard work and traditional on-press training to transform a new employee into a professional press operator. Trial and error is an excellent way to gain knowledge and experience. That’s why SheetSim-SHOTS (Sheetfed Offset Training Simulator) was created.

SheetSim-SHOTS is a complete interactive computer training system. From prepress to press to delivery, the SheetSim-SHOTS simulator offers your press personnel the closest thing to a real pressroom using state-of-the-art computer technology. In this business time is money. SheetSim-SHOTS helps you learn to run your press efficiently and effectively, without using press time or materials.

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