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Summer classes at U of H

One of my classes this summer is Consumer Science. I am learning consumer/  marketing variables and how to apply them marketing and consumption decisions. Another subject is lifespan development. Demographics, values, subcultures, American class system, family structures and group influence are used by marketers to create target markets for their products.

SEO Infographics

Images With Thousand Words by Zarko on November 27, 2010

These Infographics are the best and are on my wall now.

SEO has changed over the years from simple META tags to social media marketing. Very cool!

Illustator Live Trace and Recolor

I used the  Illustrator file below in the business cards for Leesa…


Leesa's Business Card

Leesa’s Business Card


Here is a .jpg example of what the tools in Illustrator 4
can do. Live Trace was set to six colors and then expanded. Then
a new color group was created by limiting the selection the “Pop Art” color swatch library. Color harmony is assigned by using the color wheel and saved as a new group. The image is now recolored and has a cool effect.

Leesa Harrington-Squyres

Adobe Illustator’s Live Trace Tool