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Portfolio Photoshop Project: Spheroid Space

Spheroid Space

This project builder is about spheres and clipping groups. I was instructed to obtain a background image with one or more round objects, at least two images containing selectable spheres and any other images desired. I applied a background color and pasted the transformed earth shot without the shuttle into the image. The planets are added the image and one of them will be the base of the clipping group. The yellow foam balls are added the image and are the target of the clipping mask. The clipping mask is applied and modified for the given results. The text layers are created and a couple more spheres are added.



Logos for GAp

Read about what went wrong with the new GAP LOGO on and some industry-pros response.

Once a marketing brand has been updated to the masses, it’s very hard to take that bad taste away. Did Gap do any market research? Lord knows they can afford it. It’s just another example of  not knowing your audience as well as you should.